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Sales Representation

Los Angeles, CA

Lola Jo Sales Group
Joanne Torres
Lori Perkins
Irene Robledo

110 East 9th Street
Suite # A607
Los Angeles, CA 90079
tel: 213-623-0993
fax: 213-244-9645

Atlanta, GA

Annette Cardona
Annette and Associates

250 Spring Street
Suite 13 S. 340A
Atlanta, GA 30303
tel: 214-637-4446
fax: 214-630-5104

Dallas, TX

Jill Griffith
Cultivated Kids

2050 Stemmons Freeway
Suite #8056
Dallas, TX 75207
tel: 214-630-5455
fax: 214-630-3080

Chicago, IL

Robert Centen & Associates
Chicago Apparel Center

350 West Mart Center Drive
6-109 Apparel Center
Chicago, IL 60654
tel: 312-464-0999
fax: 312-464-0990

Global PR/Press with

Delia Douglas


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