Nay Khoubnazar’s inspiration for Baby Nay was found in 1996 when she segued from a career as a well-known home décor expert specializing in tabletop linen, to also establishing herself as a fashion maven of baby and children’s fashion. Nay brought her experience and appreciation of global textiles, decadent silks, and elaborate embellishments to the simple silhouettes and patterns of children’s wear. Born was the colourful, European-inspired brand of children’s clothing with an emphasis on comfort, Baby Nay.

Soon after the success of her Baby Nay line, Nay et al, Inc. launched Big Citizen, Da Lil Guys, and Everyday Nay. The newest brain-child of the Nay et al, Inc. family is a fabulous party dress line called La Piccola Danza scheduled to debut Spring 2012.

In 2010, Nay et al, Inc. and Disney collaborated to establish a new line that was inspired by Mary Blair’s unforgettable concept illustrations for the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disneyland. The creations that came from this unique partnership are a favorite among all ages. Baby Nay and Disney took their success in collaborating a step further by partnering with the FEED Project to create an Eco-Friendly line of organic goods that also supports the efforts of the FEED cause.


With the success of the collaboration with Disney, Nay et al, Inc. is proud to announce a new co-branding partnership to come for the Fall 2012 Season with Hasbro. Nay et al, Inc. will be the exclusive licensee for the Hasbro baby and children line and will launch with My Little Pony, GI Joe and Monopoly.

A concept that has been incorporated in to the brands of Nay et al, Inc. comes from Nay’s memoirs- Nay believes that she first learned to appreciate design and color at an early stage by crawling on fine Persian rugs as a child. That simple concept has been adapted and can be seen in the vibrant color and design palettes of the Nay et al, Inc. collections. Our fashion collections come from a vivid imagination and a passion for fashion.

The Nay et al, Inc. team is proudly dedicated to producing fashion collections that are LEAD-FREE.

Nay has been nominated for the “Innovative Marketing Award” at the Disney Consumer Products 2011 Quality Product Awards for North America. Baby & Children’s Product News awarded Nay the “Readers Favorite for Apparel” in 2010. She was also recognized as “Best Designer Children’s Category” at the Dallas Fashion Awards.

Nay et al, Inc. has been recognized by Baby Couture, Los Angeles Times, Bon Appetit, Hudson’s, Earnshaw’s, and Collezioni Magazines.